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LATEST NEWS:   Colombia declares end to Zika epidemic inside country - BOGOTA (Reuters) - Colombian health officials declared on Monday that the worst of a Zika outbreak in the Andean nation had passed just 10 months after its arrival, raising questions about how the virus is affecting parts of Latin America differently.
LATEST NEWS:   U.S. health officials update Zika transmission and testing guidance - (Reuters) - U.S. health officials issued updated recommendations for preventing and testing for Zika infection on Monday, warning that the virus can be transmitted through unprotected sex with an infected female partner.
LATEST NEWS:   Spain registers first case in Europe of baby born with Zika-related defect - MADRID (Reuters) - Spain has recorded the first case in Europe of a baby born with the microcephaly birth defect associated with the Zika virus, Spanish health authorities said on Monday.
LATEST NEWS:   Flu vaccine may help keep diabetics out of the hospital - (Reuters Health) - People with diabetes who get the flu vaccine may be less likely to wind up hospitalized for cardiovascular or respiratory problems, a recent study suggests.
LATEST NEWS:   Germany plans to extend price brake for drugs under statutory insurance - BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany wants to extend a price brake for drugs covered by statutory health insurance for five years beyond 2017, stretching out the measure introduced in 2009, a draft law seen by Reuters shows.
LATEST NEWS:   Up to 1.65 million women of childbearing age at risk for Zika - CHICAGO (Reuters) - As many as 1.65 million women of childbearing age in Central and Latin America are at risk of being infected with Zika, resulting in tens of thousands of pregnancies that could be affected by the mosquito-borne virus that is linked with severe birth defects.
LATEST NEWS:   When pot became legal in Colorado, kids' exposures went up - (Reuters Health) - After recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado, there was an increase in hospitalizations and poison control center visits for kids who’d been accidentally exposed to the drug, researchers say.
LATEST NEWS:   Minorities may not get best care after a stroke - (Reuters Health) - Minority patients in the U.S. may be less likely than white people to undergo procedures designed to prevent or treat strokes, a study suggests.
LATEST NEWS:   FDA rejects Ocular Therapeutix post-operative eye pain treatment - (Reuters) - Drug developer Ocular Therapeutix Inc said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had denied approval for its treatment for post-operative eye pain.
LATEST NEWS:   Malaria drug may help in cancer fight, early research finds - LONDON (Reuters) - An off-patent malaria drug could help to destroy cancer cells by making them more susceptible to radiotherapy, according to early work that has prompted British scientists to start a clinical trial.